Ensure a peaceful and safe nights sleep for your baby or toddler in an Ergopouch sleepsuit. Our Ergopouch range offers option from uncomplicated newborn cocoons to baby sleeping pouches and toddler sleepsuits.  Our TOG rated sleep suits in newborn to toddler size range, ensure you can find the best possible baby sleepsuit option for your little one.

As your baby experiences developmental changes, teething, adapting to settling routines, and sleeping patterns – an Ergopouch sleepsuit will add an element of comfort and routine as you prepare your baby for sleep, creating healthy bedtime habits from a young age and adapting positive sleep associations.

What is a TOG?

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’. A TOG rating can help remove the guess work from choosing which sleepsuit is ideal for your baby. Our Ergopouch baby and toddler sleepsuits and sleeping bags are TOG rated to help you choose which sleepsuit is best for your baby or toddler based on the climate in your house or sleep area. The lower the TOG rating the lighter the layers of fabric. The higher TOG rated garments the thicker and more insulated it is – the higher TOG rating baby sleepsuits usually also include arms, whereas the lower TOG sleepsuits for cooler sleep environments are sleeveless.

3.5 TOG  - Ideal for room temperatures 14°C - 21°C

2.5 TOG  - Ideal for room temperatures 17°C - 23°C

1.0 TOG - Ideal for room temperatures 21°C - 24°C

0.2 TOG - Ideal for room temperatures 24°C+


Which sleepsuit is best for my baby?

In the very early days, your newborn baby will be sleeping around 16 hours per day and likely enjoy the feeling of having their arms tucked firmly against their body. The Ergopouch Cocoon Bags are easy to use and will help prevent your baby being woken by the ‘startle’ reflex in the first couple months. The Cocoon Bag allows for arms in sleeping and easy converts to an arms out system when baby begins to roll.

Older Babies will enjoy the warmth and comfort of an Ergopouch sleep bag for both day time naps and overnight sleeping, the sleepsuit provides safe sleeping, warmth and comfort whilst allowing babies to have there arms free to easily manoeuvre and roll over.

Can my toddler wear a sleepsuit?

Toddlers and babies who are standing or walking will enjoy the freedom of a sleepsuit, allowing them to walk and move freely whilst still benefiting from the comfort and warmth of the Ergopouch sleep system. A sleepsuit is the perfect option for little ones who are getting ready to transition to a big bed, whilst also providing safe sleeping for your little one.

Whether you are shopping for a newborn or toddler, have a look at our range of baby onesies and bodysuits which are ideal for layering under your babies sleep suit or sleep pouch for added comfort and warmth.

Need help choosing which sleepsuit?

Our friendly staff are here to help! Visit us in store in Moonah Tasmania or email us and we will be pleased to help. We offer free shipping for online orders over $120.

We offer a large range of superior quality baby and toddler sleepwear garment’s to make the selection process easy and give you lots of choice to decide which is best for you and your child. Paired with a beautiful knit baby blanket, a a sleepsuit makes an appreciated baby shower gift.

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