Connetix Tiles are the perfect skill and creativity builder!

The brand new Pastel Connetic Magnetic Tiles are here and make an excellent addition an any existing collection with all packs able to be used together to create fun Connetix structures. 

Allowing children to construct 2D and 3D shapes, creating towers, castles, houses, vehicles, animals.. the options are endless!

Watch your kiddo improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills as they grasp scientific and mathematical concepts whilst enjoying magnetic play.

Connetix tiles can be enjoyed independently or with friends and family.

With many Connetix pack sizes and styles available, you can add to your Connetix collection over time with the various pack sizes and fun add-ons available such as the Ball Run and Motion Pack.

 Connetix Tiles make a fantastic birthday gift for a young, inquisitive mind who enjoys learning how things work!

Let your little one’s creativity run wild with the range of colourful Connetix tiles from Raspberry Lane Boutique. Suitable for ages 3 and up, these clever connecting tiles can grow in complexity as kiddos grow and develop their design ideas. From 2D patterns and pictures to complex 3D shapes, Connetix are the perfect medium for budding young minds.

Why Connetix magnetic tiles are the perfect gift for kids’ creative play and development

Connetix tiles use magnetic connectors to help foster and improve your kiddo’s fine motor skills while they engage in open-ended play. The only limit to their creations is their own imagination! Safe and sturdy, parents will love the non-toxic, ABS plastic that is BPA and Phthalate free. The strong and scratch resistant surface will hold up under even the most boisterous play, and expansion packs allow their creations to grow in scope and size as they gain tactile experience with mathematical and scientific concepts through independent exploration. Choose from rainbow or pastel Connetix magnetic tiles bursting with colour and potential and watch them create everything from animals to buildings and their own unique inventions.

Enjoy delivery on Connetix tiles in Australia with Raspberry Lane Boutique

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