Baby Blankets

Is there anything better than snuggling a baby in a warm, cozy blanket or swaddle?

Our range of stretch jersey baby wraps, muslins and warm knit blankets are the perfect new baby gift. Keep your baby snug as a bug when out in the pram, or at home in the cot.

A stretch jersey swaddle is the perfect way to make a young baby feel secure and keep them asleep by reducing the impact of the startle reflex that will often wake the most peaceful baby.

Muslin wraps are a lighter option for swaddling baby and can also be used for protecting baby from the elements when in the pram. A muslin can be used for privacy by a breastfeeding mum, they also make a handy burp cloth, change mat cover or bassinet sheet.

Our collection of baby blankets and swaddles includes the most on trend prints, colours, fabrics and knits to add style to your nursery decor and colour theme.

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Raspberry Lane Boutique Blush Diamond Knit Baby Blanket
Raspberry Lane Boutique White Diamond Knit Baby Blanket
Raspberry Lane Boutique Umber Diamond Knit Baby Blanket
Snuggle Hunny Muslin Wattle Organic Muslin Baby Wrap
Raspberry Lane Boutique Lilac Skies Baby Jersey Wrap and Top Knot Set
Raspberry Lane Boutique Eucalypt - Baby Jersey Wrap and Beanie Set
Snuggle Hunny / Indigo Baby Jersey Wrap and Beanie Set - Raspberry Lane Baby and Kids
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58 results