Baby Play Mats

Explore the versatility and various benefits of a baby play mat and discover why they are an essential item in your new babies nursery.

The perfect baby shower gift or present for the new parents as a playmat can be used from birth well into toddler years.

What is Tummy Time?

From birth, babies can spend short periods of supervised time on their tummies throughout the day - increasing in duration as baby grows. Tummy Time helps babies to strengthen their necks, backs and shoulder muscles. A play mat placed on the floor, provides the perfect location for tummy time as baby will be protected from hard surfaces or possible irritations from carpet.

The Many uses of a Baby Play Mat

 And is a great way to protect your floors from any baby mis-haps!

Our waterproof playmats are perfect for nappy free time and provide an ideal loungeroom snuggle spot for enjoying a bottle or sippy cup as any spills will not reach for carpet.

Shop Baby Play Mats

The Raspberry Lane Boutique collection of Misterfly Baby Play Mats includes fun designs that little people will enjoy and you will appreciate the unobtrusive colour palette and designs of these luxe baby play mats. Our play mats have an organic cotton outer and softly padded with a polyester fill making them machine washable and very easy to clean.


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