Bio Dough

Bio Dough children's play dough was created to provide kids the safest, softest stimulating dough they can play with.
A fun way for kids to explore their imagination - Bio Dough offers multi-dimensional sensory goodness, inspirational colours and gorgeous scents. It's play at it's best, naturally.
Our Bio Dough collection includes fun cutters for creative play and alphabet and number cutters for the little learners to get creative with words whilst playing with their Bio Dough natural dough.
Bio Dough has been formulated and made in Australia and is proudly Australian owed.

What are the benefits of Bio Dough play dough

In addition to simply being a fun activity for kiddos, there are many educational benefits of Bio Dough natural play dough. 

1. Motor Skill Development
While your kiddo's are rolling, squishing, molding the natural play dough, they are developing their fine motor skills and strengthening their hands. The soft texture and consistency of Bio Dough is perfect for little hands
2. Creativity Encouragement
The rainbow pack of Bio Dough offers kiddo's the ability to create. If they can dream it, they can Bio Dough it! Molding objects from scratch and bringing their imagination to life helps children explore their own creativity 
3. Bio Dough is calming
Just like squeezing a stress ball, Bio Dough natural play dough will help calm kiddo's and restore their focus. Taking time out to enjoy play and creativity is a great distraction from what can sometimes be a busy and stress filled lifestyle
4. Assists learning
Communicating with your child during play to talk about the Bio Dough colour's they are using or introducing number and letter cutters is a great way to add an educational element to play dough fun. Creating words and number games with play dough can become a favourite pastime.
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