Fat Brain - Lidzy


Each lid features a unique shape and textures to feel. But then, unscrew them and little ones discover even more excitement to explore. Take a look under the yellow lid. Who's that looking back at you? It's you! Press the button under the orange lid to hear it squeak. Open up the purple lid to find a textured spinner, or feel the funny bumps under the green lid. Sensory and tactile skills grow fast as little ones twist, untwist, and learn with Lidzy!

Lidzy makes sensory and tactile skills grow quickly! Little ones can twist, untwist and learn for hours. Each lid features a unique shape, colour and texture to feel. By unscrewing them, even more excitement can be discovered! Peek under the yellow lid and see yourself looking back at you. Press the button under the orange lead to hear a squeak. Take off the purple lid and find a textured spinner and find fun and quirky bumps under the green lid.

  • Lidzy is a fantastic tool for sensory and fine motor skill development
  • Each of the 4 lids feature different shapes and textures to feel
  • Chunky design makes it perfect for little hands to grab
  • Mirror under yellow lid
  • Squeaker under orange lid
  • Spinner under purple lid great for fidgeting
  • Bumpy texture under green lid
  • Measures 17.8 x 18.2 x 5cm
  • Made from high quality materials and with superior construction techniques
  • Fully safety tested
  • Suitable for 18 months and upwards