Deluxe Lactation Hot Chocolate - Made to Milk


A Deluxe Lactation Hot Chocolate formulated to support the needs of a breastfeeding Mumma by Made to Milk.

The Lush, sweet notes of rich Peruvian cocoa combines gorgeously with soft brewer's yeast to create the ultimate hot chocolate experience with the added benefit of being a milk-making masterpiece!

The Deluxe Lactation Hot Chocolate is a delicious gift 

The Made to Milk Deluxe Hot Chocolate is DAIRY FREE. And you’ll get 15 cups of delicious chocolatey goodness per pack!

Tested by both breastfeeding Mumma's & their partners alike, this hot chocolate mix is a hands-down winner for everyone and I guarantee you'll be enjoying it long after your breastfeeding journey is over!

Enjoy your Deluxe Hot Chocolate like you enjoy your lover – sweet, rich and hot…or as cold as ice. 

 Available in 300g or 500g options