Baby Booties, Beanies & Mittens

As well as being super cute, baby booties, beanies and mittens have the very important job of keeping baby warm. A new baby does not have the ability to regulate or maintain body temperature and will rely on the warmth provided by appropriate clothing. With the most heat being lost through your babies head, ensuring young babies have head wear such as a warm baby beanie suited to the climate or room temperature is really important.

Keep your baby warm this winter

As newborn babies are not able to sweat or shiver, regulating their body temperature is something that requires appropriate clothing including a baby beanie, baby mittens and booties - these essentials to your babies wardrobe also make perfect gifting options for a baby shower or new baby.

At Raspberry Lane Boutique, we stock a beautiful range of baby clothing in sizes from 00000 to 24 months. Our range includes baby onesies, bodysuits, cardigans and leggings - which coordinate perfectly with selections from our range or baby beanies to create the perfect baby outfit.

As baby grows, a cute pair of baby shoes will replace booties and ensure their feet and warm and protected - they also help to keep those tiny socks on your babies feet.

Benefits of baby beanies, mittens and booties

On cold days, the outer extremities of a babies body - hands and feet will become cold very quickly. A warm pair of booties and mittens will help them maintain their warmth and comfort and keep your baby settled.

A baby beanie will protect your baby from heat lost through the head and protect them from the harsh elements when out and about on cool days - a thick merino or organic cotton knitted baby beanie is ideal for outside on cold days, and a cotton knotted baby beanie is a perfect choice for maintaining warmth inside or when you feel a little extra warmth for baby would be ideal.

Baby mittens will also ensure that babies faces are not scratched by their own fingernails.

Finding the right size beanies, mittens and booties for your baby

Most baby beanies, mittens and booties are sized according to babies age or use the standard baby sizing of 000 - 0. 

Baby beanies, mittens and booties should be snug for insulation and warmth purposes but in no circumstances, should they be tight. Any tight garments should bot removed and discontinued use so as to avoid restricting baby and causing discomfort. 

Dressing your baby after birth

Dressing your newborn baby in layers is a great way to easily regulate body temperature and ensure comfort as layers can be added and removed as required. 

If you are unsure of how many layers or which clothing pieces to dress your baby in, have a look at your own outfit and aim for similar layers for baby - keeping an extra layer on hand just in case. Babies may become fussy when their body temperature is too low - you can check this by simply making their temperature. If your baby is cold, add a warm baby beanie and an extra layer or cardigan to their outfit.

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