Toshi Dreamtime Organic Tee Long Sleeve Logo/Feather


"Toshi Dreamtime Organic Tee Long Sleeve is designed for optimum lifestyle comfort. Crafted from quality certified 100% organic yarn, the Toshi Tee is soft and gentle on delicate skin, as well as our precious environment. A subtly embroidered Toshi logo embellishes the Tee. The Toshi Tee supports freedom of movement and is an ideal layering garment. The beautifully textured knit introduces an element of refinement to this garment.

The colour of this Tee is Feather, a natural and earthy gender-neutral hue.

Style the Dreamtime Organic Tee with a Toshi Denim Jeans, a Beanie Ziggy and bring on the winter adventures!"

"Certified 100% organic cotton yarn
Organic cotton is gentle on delicate baby skin & our precious environment
Beautifully textured knit
Embellished with embroidered Toshi logo
An ideal layering garment
Quality crafting provides lasting durability
Designed in Australia, made in China"
Certified 100% Organic Cotton Yarn