Fat Brain Toys - Glow in the Dark Clock Puzzle



Young minds will be aglow when they start exploring the shapes, colors, numbers, hours, and minutes of this clock! All the numbers are printed on removable blocks with shapes unique to their positions. Start simple with basic matching by fitting all the blocks back into their correct slots. Mental connections immediately grow strong with each match your little one gets correct! Then – It's time to tell time. Using the clearly labeled hour and minute hands, plus the minute units printed on the clock's surface and blocks, it's easy for first timers to get a firm grasp on how clocks work. Meanwhile – All the numbers on the blocks glow in the dark, so kids can keep up the learning fun even when it's half-past the sunset! Keep your young one's early-learning adventure moving along like clockwork with the classic, time-tested fun of the What Time Is It Glow-in-the-Dark Clock Puzzle.
Dimensions: 29cm x 5cm