Huxbaby is here and we are so proud to bring you the largest collection and range in Hobart, Tasmania!

We love the quality of Huxbaby and we are proud to have a large collection of styles for both boys and girls - in every size!

Raspberry Lane stocks Huxbaby online and in our Hobart Tasmania Baby Boutique.

With a focus on a bold styles, prints and designs with coordinating prints and accessories, made from the most beautiful natural cottons and blends Huxbaby is perfect for new arrivals through to your size 8 kiddos!

Each collection is creatively designed with fun and hip kids in mind. We are so proud to be stockists of this beautiful Australian label.

Comfortable and practical Huxbaby clothes

Our Huxbaby collection is full of funky and captivating pieces, from swimwear and rompers to skirts, hats and everything in between. Known for its minimalistic and clean designs, Huxbaby has found the right balance between comfort and style. Kids love their cheerful and edgy clothing and parents appreciate its practicality and durability. Huxbaby items are a solid investment that will survive the roughest outdoor playtime. At Raspberry Lane Boutique, we stock a carefully selected range of their best pieces in sizes from newborn all the way to size 8 for older kids. Shop for bloomers, tops, onesies and bodysuits online today for a trendy and unique wardrobe that will suit even the most active kiddo.

Invest in sustainable baby clothing

At Raspberry Lane Boutique, we want to bring you the best Australian brands, and we are proud to stock Huxbaby products. This brand is committed to being as sustainable as possible. All their pieces are ethically produced using fabrics that are safe for your little one and the environment. Most of their collection is made from at least one sustainable element and their outerwear and swimwear are made from recycled material. No matter what Huxbaby design you choose, one thing's for sure — you can expect it to have been sustainably produced for the least amount of environmental impact. Plus, their gorgeous garments are versatile and durable, meaning they'll save you money in the long run.

Shop Huxbaby in Australia today

Life in Tasmania is unlike anywhere else, which is why we love it. We are all proud of our home island, but living here does have its challenges. For example, finding good-quality and unique baby clothes can be a difficult task. That is why we started Raspberry Lane Boutique — to make premium and exclusive brands readily available to other Tasmanians. With simple styles, understated refinement and on-trend colours, Huxbaby products are a must-buy for any parents.

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Digi Friends T-Shirt
From $22.47 $44.95
Sold Out
Reversible Chino Short
From $27.47 $54.95
Digi Mates T-Shirt
From $22.47 $44.95
Black Slouch Short
$22.47 $44.95
Cool Bear T-Shirt
From $22.47 $44.95
Sold Out
Tiger Animal Romper
From $39.95 $49.95
Shiba/Animal Socks 2pk
From $12.47 $24.95
Raspberry Lane Boutique Wildcat Knit Beanie - Honey
Raspberry Lane Boutique Wildcat Knit Beanie - Denim
Raspberry Lane Boutique Cord Pocket Pant
Cord Pocket Pant
From $27.47 $54.95
Raspberry Lane Boutique Ocelot Drop Crotch Pant
Ocelot Drop Crotch Pant
From $23.47 $46.95
Raspberry Lane Boutique Ocelot T-Shirt
Ocelot T-Shirt
From $10.00 $43.95
Raspberry Lane Boutique Ocelot Legging
Ocelot Legging
$26.35 $43.95
Raspberry Lane Boutique Ocelot Sweatshirt
Ocelot Sweatshirt
From $27.47 $54.95
Raspberry Lane Boutique Ocelot Bloomer
Ocelot Bloomer
From $12.47 $24.95
Raspberry Lane Boutique Ocelot Knit Jumper
Ocelot Knit Jumper
From $34.97 $69.95
Raspberry Lane Boutique Ocelot Knit Cardi
Ocelot Knit Cardi
$37.47 $74.95
61 results