How to Clean a Plush Jellycat Toy

How to Clean a Plush Jellycat Toy


A Jellycat plush toy is bound to be one of your child’s favourite toys – if not their best friend! So its important to know how to clean them to ensure their soft fur is maintained and the life prolonged.

Every Plush Jellycat Toy has a care label attached, usually located on the bottom of your Jellycat stuffed toy. The Jellycat brand recommend that you surface wash plush toys using a mild soap, and rinse with clean water. Carefully drying the Jellycat with a hairdryer will help restore the fur to its former fluffiness. Air drying on a clothes line is possible but may leave the fur feeling slightly rigid.

Some Jellycat products are suitable for cleaning in the washing machine – please check each care label – this is sometimes necessary if the Jellycat has become particularly soiled.

Place the Jellycat plush toy into a wash bag or pillowcase before adding to the washing machine on a cool, gentle cycle. The Jellycat should then be allowed to air dry completely before use.

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