Where Squeky?


HIDE AND SEEK GAME: This adorable little mouse makes sounds when someone hides her, low at first, then louder and louder until one player finds her. This unique toy develops fine motor coordination, teaches young children about following directions, listening carefully and strengthens social skills. Easy to understand and play - no reading required

HOW TO PLAY: Turn the toy ON and set Squeaky in her cheese box. While all other players close their eyes, one player takes Squeaky and selects a spot to hide her, then they press on the little purple button underneath the mouse to confirm it’s hidden and it’s time to play. Then all players can start looking for her. If they listen carefully they will hear little hints. Squeaky talks low at first, and giggles occasionally.

But as time goes by and if nobody finds her she starts making louder noises! When someone finds her, they press on the purple button to dance to her happy song and they bring her back to her cheese box to reset the game and play again

Social Play
Focus & Attention
1 Mouse Toy (Batteries included)
1 Cheese Box
Illustrated Rules
Ages 4 and UP
2-10 Players
** Reminder to Keep the Cheese Box to use with the game - do not throw out **