Jellycat Shooshu Bunny - Wooden Teether Ring Toy


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Jellycat Shooshu Bunny


This guy is a friendly little bunny with big floppy ears and a little bob tail. He's the perfect friend for hugging and cuddling and going on adventures with, because he's so easy-going and relaxed! He's a little smaller than his Jellycat pals, which means he's perfect for the smallest Jellycat fans.

He's holding a smooth wooden ring perfect for teething little teeth, and if you give him a wiggle you'll hear a sweet gentle bell rattle inside his belly! Perfect for little bubs to help their achy teeth and keep them stimulated.

Take Shooshu home with you and make him your new friend friend. He'd love nothing better!

  • Super soft bunny pal
  • Includes wooden teething ring for little teeth
  • Little bell rattle inside for stimulation
  • Suitable from birth
  • Measurements: 13 x 13 x 7 cms
  • Ages: Suitable from birth
  • Wooden ring diameter: 8cms