Gracie Pant - Fox Glove

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Jamie Kay Bloom Collection has landed and Raspberry Lane Boutique is a leading stockist.

Jamie Kay Gracie Pant - Fox Glove

A beautiful blend for all year round comfort.

95% Organic Cotton/5% Spandex

Why cotton?
Cotton is well known for its ability to breathe while keeping the body nice and warm. 

We source only the finest quality cotton to ensure we are providing your child with nothing but the best.

Delicate wash in a laundry bag.


Length: 0/3m 36cm, 3/6m 39cm, 6/12m 42cm, 1yr 45cm, 2yr 48cm, 3yr 53cm, 4yr 58cm, 5yr 63cm, 6yr 68cm, 7yr 73cm,8yr 78cm

Waist: 0/3m 19.5cm, 3/6m 20.5cm, 6/12m 21.5cm, 1yr 22.5cm, 2yr 23.5cm, 3yr 24.5cm, 4yr 25.5cm, 5yr 26.5cm, 6yr 28cm,7yr 29.5cm, 8yr 31cm

Waist tie is decorative